In another installment of Kuhlmann’s Mouse series, our hero searches for what happened to his distant grandfather mouse – the apparent inventor of the light bulb. As ever, the art work is the standout. Detailed diagarams are interspersed with rich coloured paintings. The story itself has some jumps and starts. There is a kind of disconnect between the length of the text, its simplicity, and its willingness to skip over needed connections. With long stretches of text written in very simple terms, it is hard to define who would be reading this – a child themselves or parent to child – and even harder to know whether they would be confused or disappointed by the story arcs fit and starts. Let’s be clear, this book is purchased for the art. And for that alone it is worthy of a place in your library. But the book could be so much more with a revision that kept the target audience in mind. The book ends with some interesting discussion of who actually invented the Edison screw bulb and includes thoughtfully illustrated historical notes. Available October 2018 from Amazon here.