Classic problem – kids won’t read classics

If you are interested in trying to get your kids/students to read the Classics, consider scaffolding the book with something that visually attracts the attention of a kid.  You can get MANY of the Classics in Graphic Novel form.  There has also been the same upswing in remaking books that we see in remaking movies and TV shows and songs.  And biographies of author’s have spawned another entry method for young readers.  Sir Author Conan Doyle is almost as popular a literary detective as Sherlock!  Or consider the recently released, Mary’s Monster.

Screenshot 2018-07-18 13.34.52It is actually a graphic, mostly factual account of how Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein.  It is a short but really visually pleasing read.  It has a creepy feel suitable for upper middle school and above.  Screenshot 2018-07-18 13.34.31And it MADE me want to read the book – something I have never had the desire to do before.  I mentioned this on Twitter and someone tweeted back info about this site Frakenbook ( where the book is available with a huge twist and a definite improvement for the media savvy student who could use the analysis and support of well regarded critics and students alike.Screenshot 2018-07-18 13.33.24

Teachers, this one is for you….  what a great group read option.  And PS – and Frakenbook is FREE to use – no login required.

So, how are you doing with your summer reading and planning?