Click’d By Tamara Ireland Stone

You should know that I am a TIS fan in general. Her book Every Last Word almost single-handedly convinced me to start reading regular (non-SF) fiction. In this, her middle grade debut, Stone tackles a very, very timely concern for parents, students and teachers – social media. In Click’d, middle school student Allie Navarro creates a social media app during a girls coding camp. Her app, named logically Click’d, analyses data and lets people know more about the folks around them, to hopefully find new friends. Of course, we wouldn’t have a story without a conflict and the one in Click’d is surprisingly sophisticated and stems not from a bullying trope but from a developer’s ethics situation. There is some light romance (middle age kids/middle age relationship issues), strong smart characters, and in my not-at-all-biased-opinion a VERY realistic and incredibly helpful school full of teachers and staff. I only wish the awesome computer science teacher was a Librarian :). Go. Read. Enjoy!