The Black Witch Chronicles : The Iron Flower

It was a good week for me as it comes to books.  One of my recent favourite series had a book birthday!  The Iron Flower (part of Laurie Forest’s Black Witch Chronicles) is continuing to sooth my soul during these crazy times.

One of the things I love about this series is the way in which it humanizes conflict on all sides.  You appreciate why one group of people are bitter.  You understand why another group can’t forgive.  But because you see folks on all sides at different times in the conflict, you know that these enemies are living and breathing the same emotions and worries and concerns.  They are outwardly distinct and inwardly homogenious.

And even if you didn’t want to be given any sense of perspective on this world (BTW, why are you reading Sci-fi Fantasy then?), it is a really good book.

Screenshot 2018-09-27 20.43.53.pngFast paced, amazing world building, empathetic characters, and a plot that can not be presumed.  For YA and Adult readers.