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Fall 2018

It is an incredible time to be a Professional Reader!  I have been fortunate to read some amazing books, many which are still to come.  Check out @LibraryKatinAD for the updates on where to find those reviews.  I read ARCs (advanced reader copies) provided by authors and publishers for free.  I don’t mince words.  I will only recommend books I think are valuable.

This fall, I have a rocking TBR (to be read) stack that includes :

Need help choosing a great book?  Check out Common Sense Media for help with reviews.

Summer 2018

I honestly don’t know how authors come up with so many crazy, interesting ideas.  I just feel blessed to have a career that involves diving rapidly and deeply into their world.

And without further ado, here are some of the many books that are on my TBR (to be read) list for this summer.

YA Division (so adults, plan accordingly.  These books will likely have plot points associated with 12-18 year old and those plot points will almost certainly involve relationships.)

Neanderthal opens the door to the Universe . Screenshot 2018-07-09 23.03.14.png

Symphony for the City of the DeadScreenshot 2018-07-09 23.00.04.png

Middle Years (good for most ages but targets readers who are comfortable with reading Chapter Books)

The Night DiaryScreenshot 2018-07-09 23.05.06.png .  Amal Unbound Screenshot 2018-07-09 23.07.03

Picture Books (as the name implies)

Ada’s Violin Screenshot 2018-07-09 23.12.47.png

Guyku – a year of haiku for boys  Screenshot 2018-07-09 23.10.47.png

Good books are to be had everywhere.  Last year I showcased several of the Kate Greenaway Award shortlisted books .

Screenshot 2018-07-09 22.55.47.png

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires…. no,no wait….. Only you will know what is right for your children to read .  Help in the form of extensive reviews can be found at Common Sense Media.