Reading Wildly

Did I ever mention that I am American? It doesn’t come up much, but in this politically difficult time (at least for me) I think it deserves mentioning – particularly when my government does something right. To be clear, this isn’t in praise of THIS administration but in praise of the bureaucrats and employees that work despite whatever political winds are blowing. In this case, I am praising the Library of Congress and their dedicated staff.

The LOC, which provides a huge range of services to the American people, is particularly friendly to educators. And while their mission is concentrated on the North American continent, their offerings are available to teachers and educators across the globe.

So today, I introduce to you the Primary Source Analysis Tool and the numerous lessons/materials available for free on their website.

Their content is timely and relevant. Just yesterday they posted “Primary Sources for Musical Learning : Skin and Bones for Halloween”.

Note the “Civics Interactives” and “Classroom materials” in the sidebars? Yeah, yummy stuff.